Wednesday, January 10, 2018

From a $50 Consulting Gig to Millions of Website Visitors, How 'The Points Guy' Turned His Idea Into a Booming Business

Presenting our new podcast, Issue Solvers with Jerr Feifer, which features business entrepreneurs and CEOs who went through a massive company problem and came out the other part satisfied, rich, and increasing. Feifer, Business owner magazine's manager in primary, highlights these experiences so other company can prevent the same problems. Pay attention below.

Here’s something every entrepreneur had the idea at some point: I have an concept I just know people would like, but how the terrible do I actually turn it into a proper business?

It’s such a simple query, but simultaneously an considerably complicated one. You have to take this concept and create an facilities around it -- one that increases the concept, makes it even more powerful than you’d initially believed and helps to develop so much value that someone will pay you for it. And then you need to determine how to range all that, so that your concept can carry on increasing and successful.


How do you do it? On this show of Issue Solvers, we learn how Mark Kelly felix converted a distinct concept into The Factors Guy, which is now probably the most well-recognized and significant site in the bank card globe. It gets 4.5 thousand monthly exclusive guests, and develops 40 percent every month. But at the start, Kelly felix was just operating an unfulfilling HR job and operating a part bustle that made him almost no money.

“You could pay $50 and get Half an hour on the telephone with me, and I would go through your bank credit cards and your factor technique,” he says. “So generally, I was operating like 20 hours a day.”

It took Kelly felix years, and many problems, to lastly determine out how to range this insane concept into a growing company.

There is, of course, no system for switching your concept into a company. No technique that will benefit everyone. It all comes down to the determination of the entrepreneur and the possibility of the concept. The way is going to be breezy, and you will be successful or crash based on how well you modify along the way. You need to produce, see the pros and cons of your concept in the real life, determine out a way to make it better and more powerful, and then do it again that process over and over again.

That’s why we’re informing Kelly’s tale on Issue Solvers, because he did all this -- and his success is a session on just how important it is to keep pounding away at your concept. Pay attention to the remaining of his tale here and to sign up on iTunes, simply just click here.

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